How LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN can protect their brand while also improving their customer trust.

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Imagine having Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for the LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN 'brand' - Cool ay?

Imagine allowing your customers the ability to determine if a scammer is masquerading as your brand!

Bet you've never seen/heard of that capability! If you have, we'd love to hear about where you've seen this in action!

Actual Brand Protection   |   Not Insurance!

We provide your customers with the ability to verify the LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand, which means they can identify scammers masquerading as your brand. We are offering proactive protection, not reactive insurance like protection where you are left cleaning up the mess!

The LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand possibly vulnerable to masquerading attacks

The concept of masquerading as a business brand in order to defraud an individual is so common these days. This type of cyber attack is categorized as Social Engineering which is essentially the art of tricking someone. In a Social Engineering attack where a business brand is used, both the business and the victim are impacted from brand reputation to financial impacts possibly on the business and the customer. 

How do you think you would identify if someone was using the LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand? Have you thought about the risks of a cyber related incident using your brand? How would you respond to a reporter knocking on your door requesting you for comment?

Almost all businesses have no way of identifying a masquerading brand attack. Their customers also have no way to identify and verify the business brand. This opens up risks for cyber related attacks against LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN and other businesses.  

Guard Point has been specifically developed to assist customers identify and verify brands such as LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN. This means that if someone was to pretend to be LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN, your customers would be able to identify the masquerading attack, protecting their personal information while also protecting your brand from the fall out of customer identity theft relating to your brand.

Protecting the LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand is a relatively simple process change and low cost. Learn more about how we can help you securely connect with your customers, build customer trust and protect your LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand.


Universal Business Authenticator

That's right, a universal mobile app that allows you, as an everyday person, to verify/authenticate a business during an interaction. Don't compromise your identity or personal information dealing with businesses or people you are unable to verify.

How many times have you been asked to provide your personal information to a stranger on a phone call that claims to be from your bank?

We've built Guard Point specifically for the everyday person as a tool and process to help protect you from Social Engineering attacks. Our vision is to rid the world of consumer-targeted cybercrime.

Participating businesses on Guard Point undergo continous identity verification to ensure you are able to identify and decide whether you want to interact. You also receive a secret one-time-password unique to every business interaction as a way to verify the business. This gives you confidencethat you know who you are talking to.

Wouldn't it be great to see LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN on Guard Point? I'm sure your customers would!
How much is your brand worth?

Protecting your Supply Chain from Cyber Attacks

Protecting your supply chain from cyber attacks is becoming more important everyday. Almost all businesses have some form of supply chain which includes financial transactions for goods or services. This type of risk is typically overlooked, especially from a cyber security perspective. The change of financial billing details is one of the most common supply chain attacks with the root cause of the issue often being as simple of not verifying the requestor. This type of failure is almost always human error.

LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN along with your supply chain can utilise Guard Point to ensure that all financial changes have an appropriate verification of the identities involved. This can help protect both your business and your supply chains business. 

Some principles highlighted by NIST include:
  • Developing defences with the view that your systems will be breached
  • Cybersecurity is a People, Process and Knowledge problem
  • There should be no gap between physical and cybersecurity
Some of the risks LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN should be considering but not limited to are:
  • Lack of security practices and software within the suppliers environment.
  • Poor processes to handle changes including financial and billing type details.
  • Compromised software or hardware from suppliers. 
  • Third party service providers or vendors 
A business with a resilient and responsive supply chain will have a significant competitive advantage over other businesses. This is where Guard Point can help LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN and your suppliers secure interactions between your business brands.

We'd love to chat :)

We would love to hear how you are protecting the LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand today and what you think the biggest gaps are in brand protection.


What is a Brand Really Worth?

Many articles describe the challenges of measuring the value of a brand. Described one way as the 'Willingness to Pay'. Let's says you've been able to measure the value of your brand - would it impact your business if you lost that? Or your brand was seen negatively by customers?

Your brand is a powerful asset for your business however it can be destroyed quite quickly in the eyes of the customer - and often hard to recover. Interestingly it doesn't need to be a fault of your brand to have an impact. A good example of this is Social Engineering scams where your brand name is used to commit fraud or identity theft from one of your customers. 

Unfortunately, the customer experience and losses is related to your brand while it was in fact nothing to do with your business or brand.

There are companies that will allow you to insure against your brand however its not always easy to understand what the real business brand losses are. As this point, your brand has been impacted and your are trying to recover.

A better strategy would be to proactively protect your brand by securing your customer interactions. You may think you have seen/read all about this, however I can assure you have not seen a product/ service in market that provides brand protection like Guard Point.


Your Business Staff Need Protection Too!

Today its likely your business is vulnerable to supply chain attacks which can be your external or outsource teams. The weak links with suppliers and partners can be strengthen with the use of Guard Point, allowing your staff to correct verify brand identities. Cyber Security education is certainly a good place to start for LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN however it shouldn't be were you stop. Implementing Guard Point can increase your cyber security position by starting to protect your brand and your customers.
False Billing
False Billing impacts many businesses and if often identified too late. When receiving an invoice, ensure your can verify the authenticity of the request. Guard Point allows you to verify the identity to give you confidence to make an informed decision.LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN can request business partners to verify themselves and their invoices using Guard Point.

Masquerading Vendors
Businesses often have many suppliers of prodcuts and services which leads to vulnerabilities of attackers masquerading as your approved vendors. Implementing Guard Point on B2B interactions gives LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN confidence you are talking to the correct vendor.

Are your staff at risk?

How LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN can use Guard Point to protect their brand

The concept of a customer verifying a business or brand is very unfamiliar for most. A typical business engagement starts with a customer verification request in order for the interaction to continue. This unfortunately leaves the customer exposed, providing their personal information to a stranger or a potential scammer.

Have you every experienced customers wanting to confirm that you actually work for LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN? Have they been a bit uneasy providing information as you've requested? How do you give your LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN customers confidence you actually work there? It's likely that you've never thought of this in the concept of your business however you've likely experienced this numerous times with business entities calling you - and you not knowing if its really them.

In a world of heightened cybercrime, Guard Point was developed with a focus on the consumer, their privacy and security. This means, we provide the customer with the power to make informed decisions about their interactions with businesses in an effort to stop consumer-targeted cybercrime.

As simple as LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN registering a customer interaction with Guard Point, both LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN and your customer will receive a one-time shared secret that can be used to verify your LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand. 

This means that if someone was to pretend to be LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN, your customers would not receive the secret code and therefore know its illegitimate. It's really that simple!


Social Engineering Protection

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information. Confidential information may include your passwords, personal, sensitive, political information to name a few. Cyber criminals use a number of techniques and strategies to effectively gather this information from people and businesses. Globally businesses invest in staff education as the primary form of defence, while the everyday people don’t have the luxury of training, technology, tools or processes.

Simply masquerading as another individual or business entity, an attacker can confidently steal any information they wish. For most Social Engineering attacks, simply being able to verify the identity of an individual or business entity is enough to prevent the attack from being successful.

Guard Point provides the platform for both the everyday person and businesses globally to verify their interactions. Whether it's a customer verifying a business or a business verifying business entities in their supply chain, simply knowing exactly who you are dealing with will limit the impacts of Social Engineering attacks.

If you place yourself in the customers shoes, when another brand contacts you, do you find yourself wondering if its really them? How would you verify them?


How it works

You can think of the process like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand. Each customer interaction receives a unique one-time secret code where the customer can verify your brand.

The Guard Point process is quite simple. We verify a business by challenging their ownership of publicly advertised contact details (e.g. their business card). We then allow a business to register an engagement with a customer where we notify the customer via the Guard Point mobile app, provide the verified business details and a one-time-password for the interaction.

Both parties (business & customer) are provided the one-time-password. This allows the customer to challenge the person claiming to work for your brand by requesting the one-time-password as proof.

We essentially create a shared secret between the business entity and the customer, allowing the customer to verify the business employee actually works with the business entity.

What this means is, when LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN contacts a customer, the customer will ask LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN to provide their "Guard Point Security Code" as verification of the LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand. (Remember, its not the business asking the customer for it!!)


The Business Process that Endangers your Brand

It's quite common for business processes to require the authentication and verification of a customer before proceeding with a transaction. It's likely that LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN requests their customers to provide some personal information to prove their identity when interacting. Often more evident in interactions made over the phone.

Any business process authenticating a customer by asking them to share some personal information is putting the customer at risk of cyber related crimes!

From the perspective of the customer, they have an unknown person claiming they work for a LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand who is asking for their personal information to proceed with the conversation.

From the perspective of the LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN business, your process dictates that the customer is required to be authenticated to ensure personal information is not shared with the incorrect individual.

From the perspective of a scammer, this business process aids the collection of personal information from the customer. Simply contacting a LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN customer and stating that the customer needs to provide some personal information in order to proceed with the conversation. Whether the customer figures this out or not, their information has been stolen. Unfortunately, your brand has been associated with this poor customer experience. 

LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN and other businesses need to change their customer authentication processes to ensure they do not put their customers personal information or identity at risk. 

LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN can use Guard Point to reduce the cyber attack risks on their customers.


Changes LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN can make for their Customers

To put it simply, LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN should ensure that they provide their customers with a way to verify their brand during interactions. This can be achieved by using Guard Point as an independent party to provide brand verification for your customer. 

This includes a new way of interacting with your customers which includes an update to your typical outbound customer engagement process. 

Current Customer Engagement Process
  • LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN contacts customer
  • LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN requests customer for personal information for verification
  • LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN provide account information to customer
New Customer Engagement Process
  • LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN contacts customer
  • Customer requests LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN to verify themselves
  • LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN requests customer for personal information for verification
  • LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN provide account information to customer
Simply adding in this new step protects the customer from providing personal information to a stranger without some sort of verification of who they are communicating with.

Guard Point was developed to solve this problem by providing the customer with the tools to verify businesses during an interaction. You can learn more at


LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN could earn their customer's trust by using Guard Point

How are you demonstrating to your customers that you value them, their personal information and identity? Today you would describe this as ensuring your technical systems and processes are secure to ensure only authorised business users can see their data. While this is great, and every business including LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN should be doing this, its unfortunately not visible to the customer. While its critically important, your customer is not seeing the value. 

Using the Guard Point service, your brand is kept front of mind in your customer's eyes as a brand that actively protects their customer's personal information inside and outside the organisation. 

LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN receives additional capabilities while using Guard Point that can help the engagement rate with customers. This includes a verified LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN business contact information being provided to a customer in advance of the interaction. The one-time secret code to allow the customer to verify your LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN brand and the ability for real-time feedback from the customer if they are ready for the interaction.


LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN isn't too big to be scammed

We believe that everyone in our community should have protection against consumer-target cybercrime.

Having identified that our community is most vulnerable to Social Engineering attacks(the art of exploiting human psychology), we've developed the tools and processes to help the everyday person and our most vulnerable in our community stay safe when interacting with businesses.

We believe there is a real need for more investment into cyber protection services for the community. You need someone on your team, someone with your best interests at heart, someone to give you the tools and processes to protect your identity and personal information. We would like to believe that we can be your trusted team member.


A world without consumer-targeted cybercrime

We believe that everyone in our community should have protection against consumer-target cybercrime.

Having identified that our community is most vulnerable to Social Engineering attacks (the art of exploiting human psychology), we've developed the tools and processes to help the everyday person and our most vulnerable in our community stay safe when interacting with businesses.

We believe there is a real need for more investment into cyber protection services for the community. You need someone on your team, someone with your best interests at heart, someone to give you the tools and processes to protect your identity and personal information. We would like to believe that we can be your trusted team member.


How does Guard Point protect customers?

There are many cybercrime activities and techniques; we are going to focus on these two techniques, Social Engineering and Phishing and describe how Guard Point helps protect you. These two techniques attempt to steal your personal information by masquerading as someone you know or as a business you may recognise. The attacks are usually quite successful given that you, as a consumer, often do not have the tools or processes to verify a person or business.

If you had the ability to verify the people/businesses you interact with, the chances of you being impacted by these cybercrime activities reduce significantly.

This is where Guard Point positions itself as a business-identity-authority acting as a gateway for communications from a business to consumers. This allows Guard Point to verify a business before providing you with their verified information and security-codes to verify the business when they contact you. This verified information and security-codes are all available in the Guard Point mobile app.

A single mobile app where you can verify the legitimacy of a business before interacting with them; we call this the Universal Business Authenticator.

It’s important to note, if a business chooses not to use Guard Point to register an interaction with you, we are unable to provide any verification. We urge you not to answer or interact.

With a business using Guard Point, you will receive a notification on the Guard Point mobile app, detailed verified information about the business as well as a one-time security-code that you can use to verify them.

Both you and the business receive the one-time security-code; You should ask the person interacting with you to advise of the Guard Point Security Code. If they are able to provide the security code, you can then be reasonably sure that the person you are interacting with is with the business in the verified business details. Having said that, you should always be careful of sharing personal information. As a consumer, you should never share your security-codes.


Getting Started as a Business?

For LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN its as simple as signing up as a user account via our Guard Point website. Once registered, you can create your business within our portal and select a subscription service.

Verifying your business identities, you can start using the Guard Point service to connect with customers. Please note, your customers will need to be advised of the Guard Point service if they aren't already on the platform. Within our portal you can setup a customised link for your customers to setup a free Guard Point account.

We recommend placing the link on your contact forms for easy customer access and to demonstrate you value your customers security.

Getting Started as a User?

Getting started is as easy as downloading our mobile app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Setup a new account within the app along with your identities such as email address and mobile phone number.

Once setup, you can view a demonstration of how Guard Point works.

Please note, you will only receive notifications for businesses that are using Guard Point. If you do not receive a notification when a business is requesting your personal information, you should hang up immediately.

GuardPoint mobile app on Google Play Store
GuardPoint mobile app on Apple App Store

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We would love to hear from LAURISTON KINDERGARTEN and see how we can work together in protecting your brand and your customers from consumer targeted cybercrime.