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Brand Resources

We provide these resources to assist your business in utilising the Guard Point services when interacting with your customers. The guidelines are intended to protect our brand while also ensuring a consistent communication approach to all users and customers.

Brand Guidelines and Assets

Our guidelines outline the rules for using Guard Point's brand assets and showcasing the Guard Point product/service content. Please help us protect our brand by following these guidelines and only using approved brand assets from this site.

Brand Permission

You may require brand permission when you use the Guard Point brand in:
  • Marketing or advertising that appears on TV
  • Marketing or advertising that appears on merchandise
  • Marketing or advertising that appears online or print
You can submit a request by sending an email to hello@guardpoint.com.au and providing the following information:
  • A detailed description of the marketing or advertising.
  • Final version showing how the Guard Point logo will be featured.
  • Translations for any non-English content.


Promoting Your Presence with Guard Point


The Guard Point Logo should never be beside or above your brand’s logo, because it may suggest an official partnership or that the marketing material is owned by Guard Point.

Minimum Size

The Guard Point Logo should always be smaller than the non-partner logo, but cannot be smaller than 60px x 60px or 2cm x 2cm.

Guard Point Logo & Text Web Link

The Guard Point logo & text should have a web link that directs the user to the Guard Point website in order to assist them setup their account. Click on the Guard Point logo or text should open a new browser tab.

The URL that the Guard Point logo and text should link to is:

Application Form or Contact Us Form
Example placement of the Guard Point logo and Text.




The logos should always go side by side, and they should always include a "+". They should never be stacked or far apart from each other.


If you are a partner, your logo should be the same size. The Guard Point Logo should never be smaller or feel subordinate to other logos or partner logos.



Do use the Guard Point Logo and a clear call to action (e.g., Secure this Interaction) to refer to your presence on, or your company’s integration with, Guard Point.

If you are unable to use the correct colour due to technical limitations, you may revert to grey.



Don’t modify the Guard Point Logo in any way, such as by changing the design, scale or color. If you can’t use the correct color due to technical limitations, use black.

Don’t alter, rotate, embellish or attempt to recreate the Guard Point Logo. If you need to resize, ensure you do this correctly with most applications supporting scaling up and down in propotion by holding the shift key.

Don’t show your logo next to the Guard Point Logo to imply a partnership, sponsorship or endorsement, unless you have a formal partnership agreement with Guard Point. Also, don’t make it more prominent than your logo.

Don't use the Guard Point Logo in place of the word "Guard Point".


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